CB-02: A3 Cotton Canvas Bags – 12 Oz

Product Code: CB-02: A3 Cotton Canvas Bags – 12 Oz

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Product Dimensions:
40 cm by height, 35 cm by width
Unit Price With One Color Printing:
CB-02 Beige: 100 pcs: $3.50
CB-02 Beige: 200 pcs: $3.50
CB-02 Beige: 300 pcs: $3.40
CB-02 Beige: 400 pcs: $3.40
CB-02 Beige: 500 pcs: $3.40
CB-02 Beige: 700 pcs: $3.30
CB-02 Beige: 1000 pcs: $3.00

CB-02 Black & Red: 100 pcs: $3.70
CB-02 Black & Red: 200 pcs: $3.70
CB-02 Black & Red: 300 pcs: $3.60
CB-02 Black & Red: 400 pcs: $3.60
CB-02 Black & Red: 500 pcs: $3.60
CB-02 Black & Red: 700 pcs: $3.50
CB-02 Black & Red: 1000 pcs: $3.20
>1000 pcs: Please email us

3 to 5 days after confirmation
Unit Price Without Printing:
CB-02 Beige: $3.00
CB-02 Black & Red: $3.20
Colors In-Stock:
Beige / Cream

CB-02 is our top seller for A3 size canvas tote bag in Singapore besides our top seller for 8 Oz A4 canvas tote bag, CB-05.

We keep 3 colors for this particular model – Natural Beige, Black and Red.

Canvas bag model CB-02 measures approximately 35 cm by width and 40 cm by height. It is an ideal size for putting A3 contents. Most importantly, handles are strongly reinforced with cross stitching to further enhance bag’s durability.

Material used is 12 Oz cotton canvas with eco-friendly dye.

GFT PROMO was engaged to print a batch of 12 Oz cotton canvas tote bags for Guardian. This project was printed with 3 colors – White, Black and Guardian Orange on one side of the bag. 

Many clients have also requested for white A3 size cotton canvas bags. As such, we have manufactured another model CB-14 which has the exact dimensions as CB-02 but bleached white. Click here for more details and pricing guide for CB-14 white A3 size cotton canvas bags.

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